Vol. 48, Issue 1, pp. 25-38

Vol. 48 Issue 1 pp. 25-38

Color image encryption using singular value decomposition in discrete cosine Stockwell transform domain

Ankita Vaish, Manoj Kumar


discrete cosine Stockwell transform, image encryption, singular value decomposition, mean square error, structural similarity index measurement


In this paper, an image encryption technique using singular value decomposition (SVD) and discrete cosine Stockwell transform (DCST) is proposed. The original source image is encrypted using bands of DCST along with the SVD decomposed images. The number of bands in DCST, parameters used to mask the singular values, the way of permutation used to shuffle the values of SVD transformed images and the way of arrangement of SVD matrices are used as encryption keys. It is necessary to have correct knowledge of all the keys along with their respective values, for correct decryption of encrypted images. The robustness and the quality measurement of proposed work are analyzed by comparing it with some existing works.

Vol. 48
Issue 1
pp. 25-38

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