Vol. 48, Issue 1, pp. 149-160

Vol. 48 Issue 1 pp. 149-160

Iris identification method using only a section of the pattern

Janusz Bobulski


biometrics, iris recognition, iris pattern extraction


Iris based authentication methods are popular due to their reliability and dependability. This paper proposes the method of the iris recognition that instead uses only two fragments of the pattern. The presented method allows for a simpler iris extraction, as it does not use a complex conversion of an iris pattern from a circular to rectangular shape. The results obtained from this experiment show similarities to other previous ones. Importantly, the proposed method may be treated as an alternative solution. The experiment confirmed the validity of the concept for the proposed iris recognition method. Moreover, this method is quicker in comparison to the others. The additional merit of the proposed solution is the elimination of the distortion which comes from the eyelids and eyelashes at the beginning of the iris image processing. Moreover, this method does not require using additional techniques to eliminate disturbances.

Vol. 48
Issue 1
pp. 149-160

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