Vol. 48, Issue 2, pp. 211-223

Vol. 48 Issue 2 pp. 211-223

A semi-analytic approach to calculating the Strehl ratio for a circularly symmetric system.Part 2: dynamic wavefront

Ana Belén Castaño-Fernandez, Andrei Martínez-Finkelshtein, D. Robert Iskander


image quality assessment, optical transfer function, longitudinal vibrations, mathematical methods in physics, finite analogs of Fourier transforms


Close-form expression for the Strehl ratio calculated in the spatial frequency domain of the optical transfer function (SOTF) is considered for the case of time-varying dynamic optical system that has circular symmetry. Specifically, closed-form expressions for the temporally averaged SOTF are considered, which can be easily evaluated numerically (what we call a semi-analytic solution). As for the case of a static wavefront, described in Part 1 of this work, it is shown that the proposed methods are computationally more efficient than the commonly used approach based on the discrete Fourier transform.

Vol. 48
Issue 2
Article No: 05
pp. 211-223

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