Vol. 48, Issue 4, pp. 609-620

Vol. 48 Issue 4 pp. 609-620

A polarization filter at 1550 nm based on photonic crystal fiber with symmetry around gold-coated holes

Fengning Zha, Jinsong Li, Pengjie Sun, Xiumin Wang


photonic crystal fiber, polarization filter, finite element method, surface plasmon resonance


A polarization photonic crystal fiber based on surface plasmon resonance is proposed in this paper. The photonic crystal fiber with gold coated holes is studied through using the finite element method. The impacts of structural parameters on the resonance characteristics are discussed. Numerical simulations show that the resonance wavelength can be modulated by changing the parameters of the air holes and thickness of gold layer. At the resonance wavelength 1550 nm, the loss is 3.8045 dB/m in x-polarization and the loss is 28464 dB/m in y-polarization by adjusting the size of the gold-coated holes and the place of air holes. Results show that the loss of y-polarized mode is much larger than the loss of x-polarized mode. The y-polarized mode is suppressed, and only x-polarized mode can be guided at the resonance wavelength of y-polarized mode. The results indicate that the mode polarized in one direction can be filtered out selectively by adjusting the diameter of air holes, and the filtering effect in a communication band is achieved.

Vol. 48
Issue 4
Article No: 07
pp. 609-620

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