Vol. 49, Issue 1, pp. 5-11

Vol. 49 Issue 1 pp. 5-11

Polarization dependence of stimulated Brillouin scattering-based switchable microwave photonic filter

Jun Gu, Fei Wang, Youxi Lu, Mengmeng Peng, Lun Shi, Wen Kang, Jingxin Huang


microwave photonic filter, stimulated Brillouin scattering, polarization dependence


We propose and experimentally demonstrate a switchable microwave photonic filter based on polarization dependence of stimulated Brillouin scattering (SBS). The continuous optical wave from a tunable laser source is split into two branches. One branch serves as the SBS pump source and another branch serves as the signal source which are interactional to generate the SBS effect in the dispersion-shifted fiber. Only by adjusting the polarization direction of pump light and signal light, a frequency response switched between bandpass and notch filtering shape can be obtained.

Vol. 49
Issue 1
Article No: 01
pp. 5-11

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