Vol. 49, Issue 1, pp. 101-113

Vol. 49 Issue 1 pp. 101-113

Output-input properties of incident light on a defect dielectric slab with quantum dot nanostructure

Hossein Jafarzadeh


quantum dot nanostructure, optical bistability and multistability


We demonstrate output-input properties of incident light in a defect slab doped by three-level quantum dot nanostructure via quantum coherence and Fano-interference phenomena. Here, we will show that the output-input properties of the system can be adjusted by the Fano-interference strength, amplitude and the relative phase of the driving fields, respectively. Also, we consider the thickness effect of defect medium on controlling the output-input behaviors of probe light. Moreover, we realize that it is possible to switch between optical bistability and optical multistability by optimizing the conditions which are more practical in all-optical switching based nanoscale devices.

Vol. 49
Issue 1
Article No: 09
pp. 101-113

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