Vol. 49, Issue 2, pp. 249-264

Vol. 49 Issue 2 pp. 249-264

Numerical analysis of dual-core photonic crystal fiber based temperature and pressure sensor for oceanic applications

Subramani Jegadeesan, Muneeswaran Dhamodaran, Swaminathan Sri Shanmugapriya


dual core, photonic crystal fiber, birefringence, temperature sensor, pressure sensor, finite element method


In this paper, a microstructured optical fiber with dual core was proposed which is known as photonic crystal fiber. Specific optical properties of a dual-core photonic crystal fiber were used to obtain high birefringence, small beat length, flattened dispersion, for different values of structural parameters varied over a wide range of wavelength and analyzed for application such as temperature and pressure sensors. The sensitivity of the temperature sensor is calculated as 20 pm/°C for 6 cm fiber, the sensitivity of the pressure sensor for a range from 0 to 1000 kPa is calculated as –10.5 nm/MPa.

Vol. 49
Issue 2
Article No: 06
pp. 249-264

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