Vol. 50, Issue 1, pp. 135-146

Vol. 50 Issue 1 pp. 135-146

The effect of molding conditions on the quality of geopolymer surfaces

Janusz Jaglarz, Dominik Wyszyński, Michał Lach, Janusz Mikuła, Ryszard Duraj


surface topography, bidirectional reflectance distribution function, ellipsometry, spectrophotometry


The presented work describes the method of measuring surface topography with application of BRDF (bidirectional reflectance distribution function), ellipsometry and spectrophotometry. This non-contact method enables measurement and analysis of large area surfaces, such as plasters and facades. A standard method of topography analysis does not describe sufficiently all of the interesting features. The visual aspect of the surface evaluation is very important from the functional and utilitarian point of view. The proposed methods of surface analysis enable not only the quantitative evaluation but also indirectly the qualitative properties (visual aspects).

Vol. 50
Issue 1
Article No: 11
pp. 135-146

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