Vol. 50, Issue 4, pp. 579-592

Vol. 50 Issue 4 pp. 579-592

A study of distortion correction algorithms based on aspheric fisheye lens design

Dan Li, Baolong Zhang, Jiawei Zhu, Qi Wang, Zhenwei Zhu


fisheye lens, image processing, distortion correction, imaging optics


A design method of aspheric fisheye lens has been proposed in this paper, based on the requirements of automobile surround view system. The study has designed a kind of ultra-wide-angle fisheye lens, which only consists of a spherical glass lens and three aspherical plastic lenses. The maximum diameter of imaging aperture is 15. 3 mm; the working distance behind is 2.158 mm; the total length of system is 11.44 mm; the focal length is 0.97 mm; the viewing angle is 210°, and the modulation transfer function (MTF) curve is 0.35 at 60 lp/mm. Furthermore, a kind of a distortion correction algorithm for fisheye lens has been created, which calculates the position of the ideal image point with the actual image point and the obtained distortion curve and distortion model. The algorithm can correct the distorted image taken by a fisheye lens to an image without distortion, which is suitable for the human eye. The algorithm, which is simple and effective, has been applied to the automobile surround view system. It has been verified to be accurate and reasonable, after the comparison is made between the real image taken by a fisheye lens and the corrected image.

Vol. 50
Issue 4
Article No: 06
pp. 579-592

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