Vol. 50, Issue 4, pp. 619-632

Vol. 50 Issue 4 pp. 619-632

Research on the X-ray wavelength division multiplexing technology for blackout region communication

Yao Li, Tong Su, Lizhi Sheng, Neng Xu, Baosheng Zhao


X-ray communication, plasma sheath, wavelength division multiplexing


After the concept of X-ray communication was proposed, its application in complex electromagnetic environment has received more attention, such as data transmission in re-enter special electromagnetic condition. In this article, a new type of X-ray source was introduced firstly, which was expected to generate multiple characteristic lines and achieve wavelength division multiplexing technology in X-ray band. Then an experimental platform was built for analyzing transmission characteristics of X-ray photon in various plasma media. Finally, the calculation model for a link power equation was given. Experiment results show that transmittance of 8–18 keV X-ray signal is relatively stable, atomic numbers from 29 to 42 are the most suitable materials for wavelength division multiplexing, the X-ray communication system is expected to realize about 200 kbps data transmission rate in adjacent space.

Vol. 50
Issue 4
Article No: 09
pp. 619-632

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