Vol. 48, Issue 1, pp. 117-126

Vol. 48 Issue 1 pp. 117-126

Computer simulation and modeling of solar energy based on photonic band gap materials

Arafa H. Aly, Hassan Sayed


photovoltaic, thermal energy, renewable energy, photonic crystals, anti-reflection coating


In this paper, we have obtained theoretically a convenient way to improve the tandem solar cell efficiency by using one-dimensional binary photonic crystals in the anti-reflection coating and intermediate reflective layer. Also, we design and simulate our structure by using two different methods; MATLAB program based on a transfer matrix method and COMSOL Multiphysics software based on a finite element method. We have obtained the localization of the photons energy on the appropriate cell and then reduced the energy losses by controlling the photonic band gap. The present design is more convenient for cold countries.

Vol. 48
Issue 1
pp. 117-126

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