Vol. 48, Issue 2, pp. 225-236

Vol. 48 Issue 2 pp. 225-236

Image encryption combining discrete fractional angular transform with Arnold transform in image bit planes

Zhihong Zhou, Jing Yu, Qinghong Liao, Lihua Gong


Arnold transform, bit plane, discrete fractional angular transform, image encryption algorithm


A new image encryption algorithm by using a discrete fractional angular transform and Arnold transform in image bit planes is investigated. In the image encryption algorithm, the original image is encrypted by the Arnold transform in image bit planes firstly, and then the resulting image is encrypted by the discrete fractional angular transform further. The key of the image encryption algorithm includes the parameters of the Arnold transform and the order of the discrete fractional angular transform. It is shown that the proposed image encryption algorithm is of high security and strong enough to counteract some conventional image attack manners.

Vol. 48
Issue 2
Article No: 06
pp. 225-236

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