Vol. 48, Issue 3, pp. 489-497

Vol. 48 Issue 3 pp. 489-497

Gold nano-elliptic arrays used in plasmonic waveguides in near infrared spectrum

Tofiq Nurmohammadi, Reza Yadipour, Karim Abbasian


loss coefficient, group velocity, finite-difference time-domain


In this paper, we investigated plasmonic waveguides in near infrared spectrum, especially at original (λ = 1310 nm) and also communication bands (λ = 1550 nm) using gold nano-elliptic rings. It is possible to shift localized surface plasmon resonance, by appropriate geometrical properties, to the desired wavelength. Three-dimensional simulations utilizing the finite-difference time-domain algorithm are used to determine the set of geometrical parameters of gold nano-elliptic rings for exciting localized surface plasmon resonance at 1310 and 1550 nm. Employing different configurations of gold nano-elliptic rings chains, waveguides are designed, with –3 dB transmission loss coefficients and group velocities calculations for different modes. In comparison with circular nanorings, elliptic rings showed better characteristics, such as high electric field enhancements and low loss transmission coefficients.

Vol. 48
Issue 3
Article No: 13
pp. 489-497

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