Vol. 48, Issue 4, pp. 563-573

Vol. 48 Issue 4 pp. 563-573

Image compression-encryption algorithm combining compressive sensing with log operation

Rong-Ling Chen, Ying Zhou, Ming Luo, Ai-Di Zhang, Li-Hua Gong


image encryption, image compression, compressive sensing, log operation


Based on compressive sensing and log operation, a new image compression-encryption algorithm is proposed, which accomplishes encryption and compression simultaneously. The proposed image compression-encryption algorithm takes advantage of not only the physical realizability of partial Hadamard matrix, but also the resistance of the chosen-plaintext attack since all the elements in the partial Hadamard matrix are 1, –1 or log 1 = 0. The proposed algorithm is sensitive to the key and it can resist various common attacks. The simulation results verify the validity and reliability of the proposed image compression-encryption algorithm.

Vol. 48
Issue 4
Article No: 03
pp. 563-573

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