Vol. 48, Issue 4, pp. 589-600

Vol. 48 Issue 4 pp. 589-600

Magnified holographic projection based on spatial light modulators

Yanfeng Su, Zhijian Cai, Lingyan Shi, Feng Zhou, Haidong Chen, Jianhong Wu


holographic display, spatial light modulators, computer-generated holograms, magnified holographic projection


In this paper, a magnified holographic projection based on spatial light modulators is proposed and implemented by combining four magnification methods, including similarity principle of Fourier transform, spatial division, digital lens, and image splicing methods. The Fourier holographic display system is constructed for the experimental verification of the proposed methods. With such four methods of holographic magnification, the reconstruction image can be magnified to 10 × 5 times in two-dimensional directions, which is verified by the experiments. Furthermore, the undesirable light of holographic projection is eliminated by encoding the linear phase onto the computer-generated holograms. The experimental results prove that the proposed system can realize magnified holographic projection with good reconstructed quality, which provides a promising potential for the dynamic holographic projector.

Vol. 48
Issue 4
Article No: 05
pp. 589-600

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