Vol. 48, Issue 4, pp. 647-659

Vol. 48 Issue 4 pp. 647-659

Self-consistent theory of random lasing in the time-domain

Zachariah Peterson


random lasers, time-domain, condensed matter, optics


Random lasers are unique systems where lasing occurs due to repetitive scattering in a disordered nanostructure. Previous descriptions of random lasing are numerous, however a full time-dependent theory that describes the introduction of gain directly from first principles is lacking in the literature. This paper will present an analytic self-consistent time-dependent theory of random lasing that contains the results from the well-known steady-state ab initio laser theory. This theory can also describe a number of temporal phenomena that have been observed in previous experiments and facilitates the incorporation of these devices into their envisioned practical applications.

Vol. 48
Issue 4
Article No: 10
pp. 647-659

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