Vol. 49, Issue 1, pp. 65-74

Vol. 49 Issue 1 pp. 65-74

Sensitivity enhancement of a nanocomposite-based fiber optics sensor with platinum nanoparticles

Hamid Vahed, Elham Ghazanfari


surface plasmon resonance, sensor, nanocomposite, platinum, sensitivity


In this paper, sensitivity enhancement of a nanocomposite-based optical fiber sensor with platinum nanoparticles is investigated. This optical fiber sensor is based on the surface plasmon resonance in the nanocomposite layer coating the core of optical fiber. A comparison is carried out for sensitivity between an optical fiber sensor based surface plasmon resonance with platinum layer and the one with nanocomposite layer. The nanocomposite layer consists of platinum nanoparticles with varying volume fraction which is arrayed in a host dielectric material of InN or TiO2. We show that the sensitivity of the sensor with a nanocomposite layer containing platinum nanoparticles is bigger than the sensitivity of the sensor with a platinum layer for all the values of refractive index of sample media. Also, the effect of the thickness of the nanocomposite layer and the volume fraction of platinum nanoparticles on the spectrum of the transmitted power has been investigated.

Vol. 49
Issue 1
Article No: 06
pp. 65-74

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