Vol. 49, Issue 1, pp. 151-159

Vol. 49 Issue 1 pp. 151-159

Influence of a back side dielectric mirror on thin film silicon solar cells performance

Krystian Cieslak, Alain Fave, Mustapha Lemiti


thin film silicon solar cells, back side emitter, back side mirror, vapor phase epitaxy, Bragg mirror, IMD optical properties simulation


Back side p+ emitter thin silicon solar cells have been constructed using vapor phase epitaxy. Double porous structure on a c-Si substrate was used as a seed substrate in order to enable active layer separation after vapor phase epitaxy growth. Structure of the back side emitter solar cell was obtained in situ during the epitaxy process. In order to enhance solar cell response to light from a range of 700–1200 nm wavelength, the back side dielectric mirror was developed and optimized by means of a computer simulation and deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition. At the same time, a reference sample was fabricated. Comparison of solar cells performance with or without the back side mirror was performed and clearly shows that the quality of solar light conversion into the electricity by means of solar cells, can be improved by using the structure proposed in this article.

Vol. 49
Issue 1
Article No: 13
pp. 151-159

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