Vol. 49, Issue 2, pp. 283-291

Vol. 49 Issue 2 pp. 283-291

A novel proposal for all-optical XOR/XNOR gate using a nonlinear photonic crystal based ring resonator

Mehrnoush Asghari, Gholamhosein Moloudian, Mahdi Hassangholizadeh-Kashtiban


photonic crystal, optical logics, XOR gate, XNOR gate, Kerr effect


Optical logic gates are very important structures required for creating all-optical digital signal processing systems. Optical XOR and XNOR gates can be used for designing optical adders and optical comparators, respectively. In this paper we proposed a novel structure which can be used for simultaneous implementation of optical XOR and XNOR logic gates. The proposed structure was designed using a nonlinear photonic crystal ring resonator. The delay time for XOR and XNOR gates are 1.7 and 3 ps, respectively.

Vol. 49
Issue 2
Article No: 09
pp. 283-291

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