Vol. 49, Issue 3, pp. 403-413

Vol. 49 Issue 3 pp. 403-413

Influence of modifiers on thermal and optical properties of TeO2–P2O5–ZnO–PbF2 glasses

Manuela Reben, Bożena Burtan-Gwizdała, Jan Cisowski, Iwona Grelowska, El Sayed Yousef, Julita Bukalska


fluorotellurite, thermal stability, refractive index, luminescence, Judd–Ofelt theory


A series of fluorotellurite glasses based on 70TeO2–5MxOy–10P2O5–10ZnO–5PbF2 in mol%, where MxOy = (WO3, Nb2O5) doped with 2400 ppm of Er2O3 have been prepared by the conventional melt quenching method. The influence of modifiers on thermal and optical properties of glasses has been analyzed. Thermal characteristics of glasses like the glass transition temperature Tg, the temperature for the crystallization onset Tx, the maximum crystallization temperature Tc, and the thermal stability parameter were determined by the DSC method. The ellipsometric data have provided Sellmeier-type dispersion relations of the refractive index of the investigated glasses. The optical parameters are used to calculate the molar refractivity, molar polarizability, oxide ion polarizability, molar cation polarizability, and a number of polarizable atoms per unit volume for every glass composition in order to interpret the refractive index of these glasses.

Vol. 49
Issue 3
Article No: 03
pp. 403-413

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