Vol. 49, Issue 4, pp. 545-558

Vol. 49 Issue 4 pp. 545-558

Image compression and encryption algorithm based on advanced encryption standard and hyper-chaotic system

Zhe Nie, Zheng-Xin Liu, Xiang-Tao He, Li-Hua Gong


hyper-chaotic system, advanced encryption standard, discrete cosine transform, image encryption, image compression


An image compression and encryption algorithm by combining the advanced encryption standard (AES) with the hyper-chaotic system is designed, in which Arnold map is employed to eliminate part of the block effect in the image compression process. The original image is compressed with the assistance of a discrete cosine transform and then its transform coefficients are encrypted with the AES algorithm. Besides, the hyper-chaotic system is adopted to introduce the nonlinear process for image encryption. Numerical simulations and theoretical analyses demonstrate that the proposed image compression and encryption algorithm is of high security and good compression performance.

Vol. 49
Issue 4
Article No: 02
pp. 545-558

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