Vol. 49, Issue 4, pp. 597-611

Vol. 49 Issue 4 pp. 597-611

Controlling and manipulation of red blood cells by evanescent waves

O.V. Angelsky, C.Yu. Zenkova, P.P. Maksymyak, A.P. Maksymyak, D.I. Ivanskyi


erythrocytes, evanescent wave, spin momentum


A theoretical model for describing the influence of the evanescent wave on the red blood cell (RBC, erythrocyte) in the blood plasma is suggested in this research work. Two optical schemes for creating an evanescent wave and the features of the created field’s effect on the erythrocyte are considered. The conditions for the formation of optical forces and optical momentum, in particular, of the vertical spin of the evanescent wave, which causes a transverse displacement of the erythrocyte, are proposed. The use of a linearly polarized plane wave with azimuth of ±45° in a model experiment, specially suggested in this work, allows for visualization of the transverse controlled motion of the erythrocyte, which enables to claim about new possibilities for controlling microobjects in biology and medicine.

Vol. 49
Issue 4
Article No: 06
pp. 597-611

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