Vol. 49, Issue 4, pp. 669-677

Vol. 49 Issue 4 pp. 669-677

Preliminary laboratory tests of a new fibre optic high temperature measurement device

Ewa Lisiecka


non-contact thermometer, high temperature measurements, fibre optic probe


This article presents the laboratory verification of the author’s algorithm for temperature determination. The conducted tests confirm the ability to eliminate the measurement condition impact (emissivity of the radiation source, attenuation of the atmosphere) on non-contact thermometric measurement results. What is more, this method allows measurement for wavelength shorter than 1 µm to be carried out. The second stage of the work involved transmission tests of the fibre optic probe. The use of three quartz rods ensured that thermal radiation from each direction in a perpendicular plane to the probe head is collected and transmitted. The combination of the new temperature determination method and new constructed measurement instrument will allow the area of application of a non-contact thermometric device to be extended.

Vol. 49
Issue 4
Article No: 11
pp. 669-677

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