Vol. 50, Issue 4, pp. 671-688

Vol. 50 Issue 4 pp. 671-688

Virtual MRTD – an indirect method to measure MRTD of thermal imagers using computer simulation

Krzysztof Chrzanowski, Nguyen Hong Viet


MRTD, virtual MRTD, indirect method, computer simulation, thermal imager


Minimum resolvable temperature difference (MRTD) is considered as the most important parameter of thermal imagers. A new method of MRTD measurement without drawbacks of other methods is presented in this paper. Proposed MRTD measurement method coded as virtual MRTD is based on a three steps measurement concept using semi-automatic objective measurements and computer simulation. First, objective parameters of the tested thermal imager are measured. Second, software simulates this tested thermal imager and generates the image of 4-bar target of specified spatial frequency (size) and contrast (temperature difference). Third, a human observer analyses the images of the 4-bar target generated by the software on the screen of PC set and measures MRTD of the simulated thermal imager at specified set of spatial frequencies. The proposed method offers higher measurement speed, lower cost and typically better accuracy in comparison with the typical MRTD measurement method.

Vol. 50
Issue 4
Article No: 13
pp. 671-688

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