Vol. 49, Issue 2, pp. 317-330

Vol. 49 Issue 2 pp. 317-330

Image encryption based on Chebyshev chaotic map and S8 S-boxes

Iqtadar Hussain, Amir Anees, Ali Hussain Alkhaldi, Muhammad Aslam, Nasir Siddiqui, Rehan Ahmed


image encryption, chaos, noise-resistant, statistical analysis, key sensitivity


The encryption of image data is artful as compare to others due to some special characteristics such as entropy, contrast, the correlation between the pixels, intensity, and homogeneity. During encryption process, it is conventionally not easy to manage these characteristics with non-chaotic cryptosystems. Therefore for the sake of strong encryption algorithms, in last decades many cryptographers have presented invulnerable schemes for image encryption based on the chaotic maps. This manuscript aims to propose a strong encryption scheme based on a symmetric group of permutation advanced encryption standard (AES) substitution boxes and modified Chebyshev map. Principally, the secret key depends upon the parameters of Chebyshev map to create confusion in the main image and is encrypted by the scheme made from the S8 AES S-boxes and chaotic map. By this procedure, one can obtain an encrypted image that is entirely twisted. The results of analyses showed that the presented image encryption is strong and invulnerable.

Vol. 49
Issue 2
Article No: 12
pp. 317-330

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