Vol. 28, Issue 2, pp. 139-154

Vol. 28 Issue 2 pp. 139-154

Computer-aided variable wavelength Fourier transform polarizing microscopy of birefringent fibers

Dariusz Litwin, Adel M. Sadik


An automatic fringe analysis is used to measure the spectral dispersion of birefringence of cylindrical textile fibers. The approach presented is based on the optical Fourier transform microscopy of birefringent fibers. The pattern of the optical Fourier transform observed in a polarizing microscope is processed automatically to measure the radius of interference dark fringes as a function of light wavelength. This method allows us not only to calculate the interference orders and the spectral dispersion of birefringence of fibers but also to detect their optical and geometrical microdefects. The image is processed with a computer-controlled automatic analysis system. Examples of applying this method to highly oriented fibers are given.

Vol. 28
Issue 2
pp. 139-154

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