Vol. 34, Issue 4, pp. 563-572

Vol. 34 Issue 4 pp. 563-572

Optical investigations on layered metalphthalocyanine nanostructures affected by NO2 applying the surface plasmon resonance method

Tadeusz Pustelny, Jolanta Ignac-Nowicka, Zbigniew Opilski


metalphthalocyanines, dispersion of refractive index, nitrogen dioxide, surface plasmon resonance


The paper deals with investigations concerning the optical parameters of the layers of selected phthalocyanines by means of the surface plasmon resonance method. The values of the refracting index and the coefficient of extinction for copper and lead phthalocyanines have been determined. The presented results concern the layers occurring in the surrounding atmospheric air before and after exposure to 100 ppm nitrogen dioxide. The obtained dispersive characteristics were determined ellipsometrically and using the surface plasmon resonance method, by adapting theoretical relations to the experimental dependence of the surface plasmon resonance. The resulting values of the complex refracting index for the tested phthalocyanines were compared with the values obtained by ellipsometric measurements.Sprawdzaj znaki specjalne i przestankowe po wklejeniu !!

Vol. 34
Issue 4
pp. 563-572

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