Vol. 36, Issue 2-3, pp. 163-179

Vol. 36 Issue 2-3 pp. 163-179

Photoluminescence studies of TM and RE doped oxides using diamond anvil cell

Agata Kaminska


diamond-anvil cells, high pressure, LiNbO3, Cr3+ dopant, luminescence, garnet crystals, ingomogenous broadening, Yb3+ ions, f-d transitions, spinel


The present status of high-pressure research with the diamond anvil cell (DAC) is described, focusing mainly on use of this technique in optical spectroscopy. After a brief description of the history of the development of high-pressure measurements, the principles of DAC technique are described in more detail. Then different applications of this technique to high-pressure research are discussed, including optical spectroscopy, electrical measurements, X-ray diffractometry and other measurements. Results obtained for selected materials, with a view to illustrating the physics behind high-pressure phenomena, are presented and discussed. These include high-pressure luminescence studies of Cr3+ or Yb3+-doped lithium niobate crystal (LiNbO3) as well as Cr3+ and Nd3+-doped lanthanum lutetium gallium garnet crystal (La3Lu2Ga3O12). Finally, the boundary of high-pressure spectroscopy usefulness is shown. The example of such a case is the study of Cr3+-doped MgO-2.5Al2O3 non-stoichiometric green spinel.

Vol. 36
Issue 2-3
pp. 163-179

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