Vol. 43, Issue 1, pp. 133-141

Vol. 43 Issue 1 pp. 133-141

Temperature-induced changes in the topography and morphology of C–nPd films deposited on fused silica

Ryszard Diduszko, Ewa Kowalska, Miroslaw Kozlowski, Elzbieta Czerwosz, Anna Kaminska


carbonaceous–palladium film, PVD, XRD, SEM, FTIR


Changes in superficial and structural properties in carbonaceous–palladium (C–Pd) films prepared by PVD method, induced by annealing them in an inert atmosphere were studied. C–Pd films with different Pd content in a carbon matrix were investigated. SEM observation after heat treatment showed the agglomeration of palladium nanograins into bigger grains and significant changes in a topography and morphology of C–Pd films. XRD studies confirmed the formation of big (more than 100 nm in diameter) Pd nanograins as a result of the annealing process. FTIR studies showed that C–Pd films from PVD process contained fullerene C60 and palladium acetate (films precursors), which were decomposed during the annealing process.

Vol. 43
Issue 1
pp. 133-141

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