Vol. 51, Issue 1, pp. 87-95

Vol. 51 Issue 1 pp. 87-95

Wide-angle infrared plasmonic perfect absorber based on graphene-silica grating

Fang Chen


plasmonic resonance, graphene grating, optical absorption, plasmonic absorber


In this paper, wide-angle infrared perfect absorption has been demonstrated by using a double-layer graphene strip grating coupled with a silicon dioxide grating. Numerical simulation of the finite-difference time-domain method indicates that the perfect absorption can be achieved due to the effective impedance matching, and all the incident electromagnetic energy is confined in the Al2O3 layer between the silver substrate and the graphene strip grating. Dual-band perfect absorption is achieved with the change of strip width or chemical potential of the bi-layer graphene strip grating. It is found that the spectral position of the absorption peak can be tuned by the chemical potential or the width of the graphene strip, and additionally by the size of the proposed absorber. Moreover, the proposed perfect absorber shows excellent absorption stability for a wide range of the incident angle up to ±65°. The proposed absorber may find potential application in tunable double band perfect absorbers in the mid-infrared range.

Vol. 51
Issue 1
Article No: 07
pp. 87-95

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