Vol. 51, Issue 3, pp. 415-427

Vol. 51 Issue 3 pp. 415-427

Influence of dispersion slope on soliton spectral tunneling in photonic crystal fiber

Yunxia Yang, Hua Yang, Xiongfeng Tong, Saili Zhao, Shuyuan Chen


soliton spectral tunneling, supercontinuum generation, dispersion slope


We report a numerical investigation of how the dispersion slope affects the soliton spectral tunneling (SST) in a photonic crystal fiber with three zero dispersion wavelengths. It is discovered that a larger dispersion slope makes group-velocity mismatch between the initial soliton and the transferred wave thereby suppressing the SST effect, while a proper decrease of the dispersion slope enhances the SST effect to widen a supercontinuum range. Besides, we find a soliton-like leaking dispersion wave, which can sustain information and energy for a short time within a particular spectral range.

Vol. 51
Issue 3
Article No: 09
pp. 415-427

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