Vol. 51, Issue 4, pp. 529-540

Vol. 51 Issue 4 pp. 529-540

Emission-intensity-enhanced GaN-based LED based on multilayer grating structures

Xin Li, Dejie Sun, Kun Han, Lijun Cao, Shiliang Guo, Zhiquan Li


light-emitting diode, surface plasmons, grating, quantum wells


A novel surface-plasmon-enhanced GaN-LED is proposed to improve the emission efficiency of the traditional LED. The SiO2 film, Ag triangular structure and ITO film were coated on the rectangularly-patterned p-GaN layer sequentially, which can form the quasi-symmetrical waveguide structure to enhance the internal quantum efficiency and the light extraction efficiency. The COMSOL software is used to simulate the LED structure. The radiated powers, absorbed powers and distribution of electric field are obtained and analyzed. The results reveal that emission efficiency of the proposed GaN-LED can be greatly improved.

Vol. 51
Issue 4
pp. 529-540

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