Vol. 52, Issue 1, pp. 117-128

Vol. 52 Issue 1 pp. 117-128

Dynamical system of optical soliton parameters for anti-cubic and generalized anti-cubic nonlinearities with super-Gaussian and super-sech pulses

Amour Marc Ayela, Gaston Edah, Anjan Biswas, Qin Zhou, Yakup Yıldırım, Salam Khan, Abdullah K. Alzahrani, Milivoj R. Belic


super-sech pulse, super-Gaussian, anti-cubic, variational approach


The parameter dynamics of solitons, propagating through optical fibers, is emerged from the usage of variational principle. The anti-cubic nonlinearity and its generalized version are studied. This study reveals that the center position does not affect the dynamics of different parameters and only soliton power and linear momentum are conserved quantities.

Vol. 52
Issue 1
pp. 117-128

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