Vol. 52, Issue 2, pp. 195-212

Vol. 52 Issue 2 pp. 195-212

Image encryption algorithm based on rear-mounted phase mask and random decomposition

Shivani Yadav, Hukum Singh


fractional Fourier transform, random decomposition, rear-mounted phase mask, SVD


To escalate the image encryption a new method has been devised which includes double random phase encoding (DRPE) using rear phase masking and random decomposition (RD) technique stranded on fractional Fourier transform. Here, asymmetric cryptographic system is developed in fractional Fourier transform (FrFT) mode using two random phase masks (RPM) and a rear mounted phase mask. In the projected scheme a colored image is decomposed into R, G and B channels. The amplitude of each channel is normalized, phase encoded and modulated using RPM. The modulated R, G and B channels of the colored image are individually transformed using FrFT to produce corresponding encrypted image. The proposed scheme is authorized on grayscale image also. The norm behind the development of the suggested scheme has been elaborated by carrying out cryptanalysis on system based on the RD. The method helps in escalations of the protection of double random phase encoding by cumulating the key length and the parameter amount, so that it vigorously can be used against various attacks. The forte of the suggested cryptographic system was verified using simulations with MATLAB 7.9.0 (R2008a). The efficiency of the suggested scheme includes the analysis using singular value decomposition (SVD), histogram and correlation coefficient.

Vol. 52
Issue 2
pp. 195-212

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