Vol. 52, Issue 3, pp. 417-428

Vol. 52 Issue 3 pp. 417-428

Abruptly autofocusing property of circular Pearcey vortex beams with different initial launch angles in harmonic potentials

Xianglian Liu, Di Zhang, Lijiao Zhao, Pu Li, Jianguo Zhang, Yi Liu


autofocusing beam, optical vortices, Pearcey


We have studied and explored the influence of different launch angles on the circular Pearcey beams (CPBs) without vortex or with vortex for the first time. Although launch angles can manipulate the focal length and the contrast of peak intensity of the CPBs, the shape and propagation trajectory of the CPBs maintain invariant. When the vortex is considered, the focal pattern and the contrast of peak intensity of the circular Pearcey vortex beams (CPVBs) can be changed by adjusting the magnitude of topological charges and the position of vortex. In addition, we have deliberated the propagation of the CPVBs under the action of double opposite optical vortices.

Vol. 52
Issue 3
pp. 417-428

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