Vol. 52, Issue 4, pp. 485-495

Vol. 52 Issue 4 pp. 485-495

Control of optical chaos spectrum in semiconductor laser for secure RoF communication

Danish Ali Mazhar, Syed Zafar Ali, Muhammad Khawar Islam


chaos, radio over fiber, secure optical communication


A critical requirement in optical chaos based secure radio over fiber (RoF) system design is the ability to control center frequency, spectral bandwidth, power level and signature of chaos to submerge message with sufficient horizontal and vertical margins both in time and frequency domains. Once frequency domain masking is completely achieved, time domain masking is met automatically, the former being more stringent. In a direct modulated semiconductor laser, the three control parameters are bias current (Ibias), modulation current (Imod) and modulation frequency (ωa). It is found that Imod increases bandwidth and amplitude dynamic range of chaotic pulses. Ibias increases the cavity power and hence average peak amplitude of laser chaotic pulses. The modulation frequency increases the speed of overall cavity dynamics and hence is used to increase the bandwidth of chaos but a corresponding increase in bias and modulation currents is required to support high repetition pulses. The results show relationship between three control parameters (bias current, modulation current and modulation frequency) in a direct modulated semiconductor laser and optical chaos bandwidth using regression.

Vol. 52
Issue 4
pp. 485-495

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