Vol. 52, Issue 4, pp. 613-625

Vol. 52 Issue 4 pp. 613-625

Four channel optical demultiplexer based on L2 photonic crystal microcavity

Merzoug Ammari, Ahlem Benmerkhi, Mohamed Bouchemat


photonic crystal, cavity, waveguide, quality factor, demultiplexer, FDTD, filter, crosstalk


The wavelength demultiplexing is a particularly important function in integrated optics and can be realized using photonic crystals. The aim is to extract accurately the wavelengths in a data flux. In this work, we investigate a new topologies of wavelength demultiplexing based on two-dimensional photonic crystals constituted of dielectric rods spread in a square network. The studied demultiplexer is based on optical filters with optimized parameters in order to extract four different wavelengths in the vicinity of frequencies corresponding to communication windows. It was found that the crosstalk between the structure channels of the demultiplexer are in the range of –19.19 and –44.1 dB and the channel spacing is equal to 0.96 nm. The simulation results presented in this paper are performed and analyzed using the FDTD method.

Vol. 52
Issue 4
pp. 613-625

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