Vol. 52, Issue 4, pp. 669-684

Vol. 52 Issue 4 pp. 669-684

Double-image encryption algorithm based on discrete fractional angular transform and fractional Fourier transform

Tian Qiu, Wei-Hua Dai, Su-Hua Chen, Hang Zhou, Li-Hua Gong


chaotic system, fractional transform, discrete fractional angular transform, double-image encryption


By combining fractional Fourier transform with discrete fractional angular transform, a double-image encryption algorithm is designed. The discrete cosine transform is performed on two grayscale images to generate a spectrum image, and then the generated spectrum image is compressed into an image with Zigzag scanning. The compressed image is processed with the discrete fractional angular transform, and then fractional Fourier transform and double random phase coding are executed on the image. The DNA operation controlled by chaotic system is introduced to change the pixel values. Finally, the ciphertext image is obtained through bit-level permutation and pixel adaptive diffusion. The statistical information of the plaintext images is employed as the input of the SHA-256 to calculate the initial conditions of the chaotic map. Simulation experiments demonstrate that the double-image encryption algorithm can effectively reduce the correlation among adjacent pixels of the plaintext images.

Vol. 52
Issue 4
pp. 669-684

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