Vol. 53, Issue 1, pp. 5-19

Vol. 53 Issue 1 pp. 5-19

The influence of solvents on the appearance of the absorption bands of the polystyrene films deposited from solutions on metal mirrors

Sorina Gabriela Șerban, Laura Maria Strugariu, Simion Jitian


IRRAS, polystyrene, transflection, residual solvent


Infrared reflection-absorption spectra (IRRAS) at the near-normal incidence of polystyrene films from benzene, toluene, and chloroform solutions were analyzed in this paper. The appearance of the spectrum can be affected so that false conclusions can be drawn about the positions and the shape of the absorption bands. The knowledge of these influences of residual solvents in the polymer film is important for the correct interpretation of the reflection-absorption spectra. Unlike other approaches, a single reflection at a 20° incidence angle was used. A new drop-carting technique was used for the deposition of polymer film solutions on metal mirrors. Reflection-absorption spectra at a near-normal incidence angle were obtained using a dispersive infrared spectrometer.

Vol. 53
Issue 1
pp. 5-19

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