Vol. 53, Issue 2, pp. 199-211

Vol. 53 Issue 2 pp. 199-211

An extrinsic Fabry–Pérot interference fiber sensor for ultrasonic detection of partial discharge

Ximin Zhang, Sen Qian, Huixin Liu, Chuan Chen, Chuanlu Deng, Chengyong Hu, Yi Huang


extrinsic Fabry–Pérot interference, fiber sensor, partial discharge, sensitivity, frequency


An ultrasonic sensor based on extrinsic Fabry–Pérot interference (EFPI) has been designed and demonstrated to detect the ultrasonic wave signal. The sensitivity and natural frequency of fiber Fabry–Pérot (F-P) sensor with different structure parameter have been simulated by COMSOL. The simulation results illustrate that the sensitivity is up to 1.737 nm/kPa and the natural frequency is 2.1 MHz, when the silica diaphragm thickness is 2 μm, the radius is 90 μm, and the cavity length is 18 μm. The most suitable parameters have been selected and the F-P sensor has been fabricated. When the ultrasonic signals with the frequencies of 40 kHz and 1.2 MHz are respectively applied to the sensor, the frequencies detected by the EFPI ultrasonic sensor are 39 kHz and 1.21 MHz based on a partial discharge detection experiment for the designed demodulation system. The experimental results show that the sensor can accurately detect ultrasonic signals. As an excellent platform for ultrasonic signal sensing, this EFPI ultrasonic sensing system has great potential applications in partial discharge detection field.

Vol. 53
Issue 2
pp. 199-211

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