Vol. 53, Issue 2, pp. 227-238

Vol. 53 Issue 2 pp. 227-238

Research on peripheral clamping of large-aperture laser transport mirror

TingFen Cao, Bowu Liu, Hui Wang, Wei Ni, Jinli Zhang, Xiaojuan Chen, YinGang Li, Hai Zhou, Xiaodong Jiang, Dongxia Hu, Qihua Zhu


transport mirror, peripheral clamping, surface distortion, assembly structure


This article introduces the study of peripheral clamping for large-aperture laser mirrors in high power laser facilities. Some multi-point clamping schemes were experimentally tested, the results of the experiments show that these schemes cannot meet the technical requirements, and in the simulation analysis, we explain the reason for this phenomenon. It is concluded that the additional bending moment caused by the non-ideal process factors in the multi-point clamping is the main cause for the surface distortion. Based on the above conclusions, we carried out research on minor-point clamping. Experimental verification of the minor-point clamping were done, the results show that the minor-point clamping can meet the requirements of technical indicators in whole process. This work can provide a reference for the design of the large-aperture transport mirror clamping structure, which may be used in huge laser devices and telescopes.

Vol. 53
Issue 2
pp. 227-238

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