Vol. 53, Issue 3, pp. 419-429

Vol. 53 Issue 3 pp. 419-429

Controllable wavelength conversion based on soliton dynamics in mid-infrared fiber

Kangle Shen, Jian Yang, Jiayi Zhao, Xinyu Yang, Hua Yang


soliton dynamics, photonic crystal fiber, all-optical conversion switches


We provide a convenient way to actively control the wavelength conversion of probe waves based on the soliton dynamics in the As2S3 fibers. In this paper, it is found by numerical calculation that wavelength conversion occurs in the frequency domain due to the existence of refractive index barrier. By adjusting the collision position of pump pulse and probe pulse to realize the conversion of probe pulse wavelength, the effect of the power and the incident wavelength of the probe wave on the wavelength conversion are also discussed. This frequency domain conversion is of great use in the mid-infrared region, for example, all-optical conversion switches.

Vol. 53
Issue 3
pp. 419-429

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