Vol. 53, Issue 4, pp. 575-589

Vol. 53 Issue 4 pp. 575-589

Creation of vector Bessel beams with arbitrary polarization modes using mode extraction principle

Lingyu Wang, Xiaojie Sun, Guanxue Wang, Xiangyu Kang, Ziyan Li, Xiumin Gao, Songlin Zhuang


vector Bessel beam, the mode extraction principle, arbitrary polarization modes


According to the current research on polarization generation methods, it is difficult to create multi-mode vector Bessel beams in free space by extracting arbitrary polarization modes from a single beam. This is due to the fact that the polarization and phase distributions between multiple polarization modes can interfere with each other. In this paper, the mode extraction principle is combined with the optical pen technique to extract arbitrary polarization modes from a single Bessel beam, and the number, position and phase of Bessel beams can be arbitrarily regulated to achieve the multi-mode coexistence of vector Bessel beams in free space. The experimental results are consistent with the theoretical analysis. This work is not only important for the in-depth study of vector Bessel beams, but also will facilitate the development of optical manipulation, optical communication, microscopic imaging and other applications.

Vol. 53
Issue 4
pp. 575-589

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