Vol. 53, Issue 4, pp. 643-654

Vol. 53 Issue 4 pp. 643-654

Design of aspheric spectacle lenses using non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm

Huazhong Xiang, Qihui Ding, Nianning Li, Xin Zhang, Peng Wang, Hongtao Li, Zexi Zheng, Dawei Zhang


aspheric ophthalmic lens, genetic algorithm, multi-objective optimization, aberrations


Significance: An effective algorithm for optimization of lens parameter can greatly eliminate the aberration and reduce the thickness, making the wearer more comfortable. Aim: We proposed a non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (NSGA-II) for generating sets of base curves and aspheric coefficients to minimize the residual astigmatism and aberration of the lenses, while satisfying the constraints on the lens thickness and power. Approach: By simulating natural selection using the NSGA-II algorithm, the design parameters considered the inventory of the semi-finished blank. A comparison of aspheric and spherical spectacle lenses with –8 diopters was designed, simulated, processed, and measured. Results: The measured spherical and cylindrical power distributions were consistent with the simulated results with corrected oblique astigmatism and distortion. Conclusions: The aspheric spectacle lenses had the required aesthetic shape and weight reduction compared to a spherical lenses of the same power. It is verified that this paper puts forward an effective NSGA-II algorithm for the optimization of lens parameters.

Vol. 53
Issue 4
pp. 643-654

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