Vol. 50, Issue 3, pp. 425-432

Vol. 50 Issue 3 pp. 425-432

Fast phase reconstruction in off-axis digital holography with zero-order term suppression

Guangyu Luan, Mingguang Shan, Zhi Zhong, Bai Xia


digital holography, phase retrieval, off-axis, zero-order suppression, filtering


A fast phase reconstruction method (FPRM) employing a free-sample hologram can improve the efficiency of phase reconstruction in off-axis digital holography. However, the space-bandwidth product is still confined by spectrum aliasing in the hologram owing to the zero-order term. In this paper, we propose an FPRM that features an efficient zero-order term suppression method called the average gray that can eliminate spectrum shifting. We can implement phase reconstruction by considering both speed and the space-bandwidth product. We verified the validity of our approach for off-axis digital holography using laser and white-light illumination.

Vol. 50
Issue 3
Article No: 08
pp. 425-432

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