Vol. 51, Issue 1, pp. 59-74

Vol. 51 Issue 1 pp. 59-74

Orbital angular momentum due to modes interference

Irving Rondón Ojeda, Francisco Soto-Eguibar


invariant beams, orbital angular momentum, mode interference, scalar potentials


We present generalized expressions to calculate the orbital angular momentum for invariant beams using scalars potentials. The solutions can be separated into transversal electric TE, transversal magnetic TM and transversal electromagnetic TE/TM polarization modes. We show that the superposition of non-paraxial vectorial beams with axial symmetry can provide a well-defined orbital angular momentum and that the modes superposition affects the angular momentum flux density. The results are illustrated and analyzed for Bessel beams.

Vol. 51
Issue 1
Article No: 05
pp. 59-74

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