Vol. 52, Issue 1, pp. 67-76

Vol. 52 Issue 1 pp. 67-76

Polarization multiplexed bit data recording to submicron-particles-arrayed optical storage

Daiki Okuzono, Chikara Egami


submicron-particle, confocal microscope, optical storage


In this study, a submicron-particles-arrayed optical storage disk was fabricated by the spin coating method. Moreover, we have formed a multi-valued pit by irradiating linearly polarized laser beams at multiple angles (0° and 90°). The optical setup has the semiconductor laser (λ = 637 nm) for reconstructing and the SHG-YVO4 laser (λ = 532 nm) for recording. The optical setup measured the submicron-particles-arrayed optical storage as a confocal image by 2D scanning with a motorized stage.

Vol. 52
Issue 1
pp. 67-76

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