Vol. 52, Issue 2, pp. 273-282

Vol. 52 Issue 2 pp. 273-282

The far-zone behaviors of light waves on scattering from particulate medium with various distribution

Qihang Dai, Zhongyuan Xie, Xiaoning Pan, Xiaoling Ji, Tao Wang


weak scattering, particulate collection, spectral density


The far-zone spectral density of light waves scattered on a particulate medium was discussed, and the influence of characteristics of the medium on the far-zone scattered spectral density was investigated. It is shown that the normalized spectral density of the scattered field is closely related with the structural characteristics of the particles collection, including the relative size of particles and the distribution information of particles in the collection. These results may provide potential application in the reconstruction of the structure information of particulate medium.

Vol. 52
Issue 2
pp. 273-282

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