Vol. 52, Issue 2, pp. 297-323

Vol. 52 Issue 2 pp. 297-323

Broadband convolutional scattering characteristics of all dielectric transmission Pancharatnam–Berry geometric phase metasurfaces

Yiyun Li, Yongxing Jin, Xufeng Jing, Lijiang Shi, Chenxia Li, Zhi Hong


grating, metasurface, optics devices


In order to obtain the broadband scattering characteristics, we propose a superperiodic cell structure with all-dielectric material to construct Pancharatnam–Berry geometric phase encoding metasurfaces. Because we cannot design or prepare infinitesimal coding unit particles, according to the generalized Snell’s law, we can only obtain discrete scattering angle regulation for the basic coding metasurface sequence. In order to obtain multi-angle scattering characteristics, we introduce the Fourier convolution principle in digital signal processing on the Pancharatnam–Berry geometric phase encoding metasurfaces. By using the addition and subtraction operations on two encoding metasurface sequences, a new encoding metasurface sequence can be obtained with different deflection angle. Fourier convolution operations on the encoding metasurfaces can provide an efficient method in optimizing encoding patterns to achieve continuous scattering beams. The addition and subtraction methods are also applicable to the checkerboard coding mode. The combination of Fourier convolution principle and Pancharatnam–Berry phase coded metasurface in digital signal processing can realize more powerful electromagnetic wave manipulation capability.

Vol. 52
Issue 2
pp. 297-323

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