Vol. 53, Issue 4, pp. 591-602

Vol. 53 Issue 4 pp. 591-602

Asymmetric cryptosystem with random decomposition using fractional Fourier and Fourier transforms

Kapil Shankar Gaur, Hukum Singh, Seema Thakran


fractional Fourier transform (FrFT), random phase mask (RPM), random decomposition (RD)


In this paper, an asymmetric cryptosystem based on random decomposition is proposed. The suggested scheme used three different decryption keys to get decrypted image, two of which are generated using phase truncation and one through random decomposition. The combination of these keys and fractional Fourier transform parameter increase the security of cryptosystem against various attacks. MATLAB simulations are used to validate the scheme’s conclusions. The effectiveness of a scheme is validated by the key sensitivity performance of the cryptosystem. This research also includes a 3D plot for both grayscale and binary images. Correlation coefficient (CC) values between the original and recovered images is also calculated to validate the cryptosystem.

Vol. 53
Issue 4
pp. 591-602

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